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DJI srt Subtitle File Editor


When recording, the DJI FPV Goggles create an SRT subtitle file each flight video recorded.

This Excel file can be used to select which elements from that SRT file you want to be written to a custom SRT file. You can even make a separate SRT file for each element and use your own custom labels for each element.

You can also trim the start and finish of the SRT files. This is handy if you want to trim the start or finish of your video when editing it in your video editing software. When doing so, if you don’t also trim the same times off the SRT file, the video and subtitles won’t match up.

Customizing an srt file or making individual srt files

How to Use The SRT Editor File

Trimming srt files to make them match up with trimmed video files

In most video editing software, when trimming a video, the accompanying srt subtitle file can’t be trimmed. This is because the subtitle file is embedded with timestamps and the video editing software has no way to edit those timestamps.

In this situation, you can use this srt editor to trim the same amount of time off the srt file as you trimmed from the video in your video editing software.

Then you can simply move the remaining video segment to the beginning of the timeline and insert the trimmed srt file which will match up with the video file.

The srt trimming function can be used on the original DJI srt file or any of the customised srt files produced by this excel file.

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