Cube FPV


About This Store

Cube FPV is my own personal web store, which I run as a side business. That’s it – there’s no company here with employees. It’s a one-man show, and that’s how I like it.  I’m located in Australia and registered as a Sole Trader. I have a great passion for building and flying FPV drones, as well as producing YouTube content related to building drones. Please check out my YouTube channel to find out more about me and what I do. I like to keep a lot of drone parts on hand for my builds. So much so that I have decided to also make these parts available for others to purchase through this web store.


This store in not for everyone - What's that mean?

Basically, I have built this store to cater for FPV enthusiasts like myself who like to build their own FPV drones. Here, you’ll find a lot of FPV parts for building drones as well as FPV frames. So I guess you can say this site is targeted to a niche market within the FPV community. Most FPV stores try to be everything to everyone in FPV and stock every single product in the world of FPV. That will never be my strategy. If you love to build, then I’m in the process of building a store for you.

Where are all the Bind and Fly Drones?

I don’t sell Bind and Fly drones on this site. And unfortunately, I also don’t have time to do a custom build for you. However, you can purchase bind and fly drones from just about any other FPV store and it’s not hard to find people who offer build services as well. Some FPV stores will even do a custom build for you (for a price)

Where are you located? - I need to drop in

I am located in Australia. Unfortunately, my store is not a brick and mortar store. I conduct online sales only, so it’s not possible to drop in. Please feel free to email or text me with any questions you have.

Your range of products seems to be quite limited?

Correct – I opened my store in August 2023, and I’m still in the process of selecting products that I want to sell. Yes, I know that sounds strange. I can hear you saying “what the hell. It’s an FPV store – just list all the products you can”. But it’s not like that with me. I won’t list products that I wouldn’t recommend you buy. I’m working hard to expand the range as fast as possible.

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?

I won’t be doing newsletters. But please feel free to follow me on YouTube

Are you an official re-seller or are you just selling Grey Market goods?

Cube FPV is an official reseller for the following FPV brands.
HQ Prop
More brands will be coming online in the near future. You will also notice that I resell some lesser-known brands and a few products from manufacturers not in the list above. All products from the above listed companies are warranted through CUBE FPV as an official distribution channel re-seller. Other products I warrant myself. 

What's with the selection of cheaper or not so well known FPV frames?

Frame Testing

I like to offer a range of price points and variations in the FPV frames I sell. To ensure the quality of frames on this site, I don’t list any frames that I have not constructed myself. While it’s not possible to fit-out and fly every frame, I at least build one of every frame, so I can be assured of its quality before listing them for sale. And yes, I do have a box of frames that I have decided not to list for sale on my site.

How are you able to offer products that other FPV stores don't sell?

Although CUBE FPV is just getting started, I have actually been trading in RC equipment since 2012. As such, I have well established links to RC and FPV suppliers outside the scope of what many other FPV stores have. This allows me to offer some products that other FPV stores are not able to sell.

I noticed your website design is quite different to other FPV stores - Why is that?

I’ve designed and built this website myself to work in a very specific way. You’ll notice that the site combines resource and information sections, as well as the webstore. I hope to use this combination to give some example uses for the parts I sell on the site.

=====  Things you WILL see on this site =====
1. Large, clear product images
2. Custom product photographs as well as manufacturer’s marketing images
3. Full product information
4. “Cube’s Thoughts” where I sometimes give my personal opinion on the products

===== Things you WON’T see on this site =====
1. Pop-up menus that cover the whole screen and stop you from seeing anything
2. Pop-up messages telling you that some random person from some random country just purchased some random product.
3. Spin the Wheel
4. Nag messages that ask you to sign up for a newsletter – on every page you go to, no matter how many times you already signed up.
5. Hundreds of out of stock products that say “Coming Soon” even though they went out of production over a year ago.

Can you supply a Tax Invoice

I supply a receipt of purchase after you pay for the goods. For Australian business customers, please note that, as a sole trader, I am not required to be registered for tax. This means that when you purchase, there will be no GST charged and no GST amount shown on the receipt – you can not claim tax credits for purchases from my store.