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Who To Follow

Achieving proficiency in FPV is all about having access to the right information and building your knowledge in the most efficient way. The YouTube channels and commentators presented here are well worth following if you are looking at getting into this hobby.



Joshua Bardwell

Joshua Bardwell, probably the most well know FPV commentator, has produced a huge number of tutorial videos on all aspects of FPV. If you have a problem with your drone he will most likely have produced a video explaining that. As well as doing the occasional product review and roundups, Joshua runs weekly livestreams on FPV trouble-shooting and on the latest news in FPV. In conjunction with his co-host ItsBlunty, he presents a monthly round-up of new products.   

Mad’s Tech

Ian’s channel Mad’s Tech, reports on the latest news in FPV. Mainly concerned with DJI products, he has recently also focussed on the HD Zero digital system. Mad’s Tech is well regarded for its focus on and insights into the physical hardware and components used in these systems.

Chris Rosser

As a qualified aerothermal engineer, Chris Rosser produces educational content on the physics of FPV flight and the software systems and settings used on drones. If you want to know why a drone can fly as it does and how the software on a drone, controls it, Chris’s content is a great place to start.

Pawel Spychalski

Pawel Spychalski is a contributing developer for the INAV software project and also presents on various aspects of the FPV hobby. His content is wide ranging covering new hardware, software, products and systems. Although not usually found in beginners YouTube subscription list, those in the know in the FPV hobby value his perspectives and input.

Limon - Ivan Efimov

Always both entertaining and informative, Ivan is involved as a developer in the Betaflight open source project and possesses a great wealth of FPV knowledge. His channel also regularly features race related content and gives an inspiring first person view into the world of FPV Racing. 

New Product Reviews

The presenters listed below all produce content covering new products in FPV. When a company releases a new drone or product it will usually find its way into their hands for review before the official release. These channels are the best place to find the answers you need about new products and to see what’s included in the box. Gal Kremer in particular is very active in producing product comparison content for new FPV cameras.  

Gal Kremer

Albert Kim

Jon E5 FPV

Bacon Ninja

Working in FPV


Lexie Janson (MaiOn High) produces some great videos tracking her career through FPV as a team pilot and Race Drone Pilot. A great channel to keep an eye on for interesting content and inspirational stories, not to mention great tips for drone racing pilots. 


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to actually fly drones for a living, then head to NURK FPV. Paul Nurkkala not only produces content on FPV products but also Vlogs on his FPV work giving a great insight into this exciting new field of work.

Ummagawd FPV

Tommy Tibajia gives an insight into working in FPV with his video blogs, where he takes viewers along for the ride for his commercial work. His behind the scenes look into this sphere of FPV focussed work is most interesting. Tommy is also a seasoned veteran of the FPV hobby, being involved right from the very start. He also runs his own FPV store –

Johnny FPV

Johnny FPV, probably the best know name for FPV content in Hollywood today, has built a reputation for producing top quality FPV footage for commercials and movies. The inspirational videos on his channel show what can be achieved by a talented FPV pilot.

Ace Freestyle Pilots

Mr Steele

With over 10 years of experience in FPV, the talented Steele Davis has amassed a huge number of followers. His flight edits are truly inspirational and showcase what is possible in the realm of technical flight.  

Captain Vanover

Alex Vanover was the 2019 DRL (Drone Racing League) world champion. As a Pro drone pilot, his channel features content related to FPV racing as well as FPV Freestyle.

MCK FPV (Freestyle / Race)

MinChan Kim may be one of the most prolific drone racers of all time, clocking up win after win on the tournament circuit. But as well as that, he continues to wow with his stunning  freestyle displays. Search his channel for freestyle flight content or just follow along with his race videos.

Sync FPV

Tom Jackson is Sync FPV. With very professional flight edits the content produced by this talented FPV freestyle pilot is well worth watching.

Link Testing / Reviews / Tuning

UAV Tech

For any beginners who wish to delve into the inner working of control links and flight controller PID loops, Mark Spatz channel offers a wealth of informative videos and tutorials.

Micro FPV Specialists

Mr ShutterBug

If you have an interest in micro drones then Mr ShutterBug’s channel is the one for you. Well regarded as the master of shaving grams off to achieve the lightest all up flying weight possible, Mr ShutterBug’s channel shows what is possible with micro drones.

Nick Burns

With a focus of reviewing all the latest micro drones, Nick Burns channel is a must have for your YouTube subscription list. Known for his thorough overviews of frames, including components and specs, his content will cover any questions you may have on a particular new product. Nick Burns possesses the flying skills and ability to put a drone through its paces and give you an accurate assessment of how it actually flies.