Cube FPV

Setup Steps

Transmitter Setup

The first place you need to start is with your transmitter setup. Here I’ve set out the four most important settings and adjustments you need to do on your transmitter, and getting these settings right here will save you headaches down the track when you come to look at troubleshooting your drone setup. 

Trim Tabs


It almost seems too basic to mention, but check your trim tabs. These physical switches on your transmitter can easily get bumped, so make sure they’re centred regularly. If your drone is tracking to the side of drifting one way or the other, this is your first point to check. 

Stick Calibration


Always a good idea for a new radio and even an old radio. But be warned, after you calibrate your sticks you will need to re-set your min, max and centre point settings if you had previously done so. 

E-Limits and ADC Filter


Setting your E-Limits and ADC Filter correctly is an easy, yet important step in the setup process. It only takes a minute sp do it for all your model setups.

Go to the SETUP MENU and check that Extended Limits (or E-Limits) is enabled. This will enable you to dial in values more than 100 in the next section where you set your Max, Min and Mid Points.

ADC Filter – Check that ADC Filter is disabled in your radio settings.
Navigate to the radio’s HARDWARE menu in Open TX, scroll down and uncheck ADC Filter to disable it.
NOTE: The ADC Filter is a radio setting, so it only has to be done once. However, if you update your transmitter firmware, you may need to disable it again. For drones, we don’t want any filtering from the radio before the stick inputs are sent to the drone – this is best handled by the flight controller on the drone. ADC Filtering is a good idea for RC Planes which may not have a flight controller.

Min, Max, Mid Point Settings


These limits allow you to set your transmitter’s sticks reach above 100 percent. Doing this allows you to send the full range of stick travel values to the flight controller that it expects.

Setting Min, Max and Mid-Point will ensure that your transmitter is sending the correct value range for the stick travel inputs. To do this, you will need the quad connected to Betaflight with your transmitter turned on. 

1. On the transmitter, head over to the outputs screen and for each stick and hold the stick full deflection both ways.
2. While holding the stick full deflection, go into your settings for each channel and adjust the Min and Max so that the value on the sliders shown in Betaflight reads exactly 1000 or 2000. (1500 when setting the mid points)