Cube FPV

Setup Steps

Prop Selection and Testing

Specifically looking at jello in the fpv and 4K cam footage. There are 2 main factors that contribute to jello and these are prop selection and the 4K cam mount. What we want to do is to separate these and tackle one at a time. 

First focus on the image through the FPV cam and test a range of props to see which props give the best results. We want to ensure the vibration from the choice of props is at a minimum before moving on to the 4K cam footage. This will give us the best base to work from. 

Try to choose a variety of props with different number of blades and different pitches. Each combination of these will cause your motor RPM to change depending on how much drag the prop produces. There will be an optimal RPM that will produce the least vibration and that’s what you’re trying to identify. 

With prop selection out of the way you will now have the least vibration from the props and you can turn your attention to the 4K Cam mount. If there is still jello and vibration in the 4K Cam footage, start looking at the camera mount.

Points to look at when troubleshooting the 4K cam mount.