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My Projects

A few of my personal projects that I have worked on recently, along with resources and downloads.

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Resources

My resource area for the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle drone. This section includes CLI dumps, board images and diagrams.

Battery Strap Guide

A simple idea to create a separator which keeps the battery strap away from electronics and UFL connectors. This plate is designed to bend when fitted to the frame and creates a gap for the battery strap to run through.

Insta360 GO 2 USB Power Mount

How to make a custom USB 3 connector to power the Insta360 GO 2 USB Power Mount directly from a 5 Volt BEC on a flight controller. This tutorial shows how to convert a USB power lead adaptor as well as how to wire up a SMD type USB C plug.

Insta360 Go 2 Rubber Mount

A generic mount for the Insta 360 Go 2 made from a thin piece of rubber. This style of mount can be used on any drone, as it is held in place by the battery and battery strap. A good option if you want to often swap the camera from one drone to another without having a mount on each drone.

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Flight Controller Adapter Mount

This adapter mount can be used to mount the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle flight controller on a frame with standard mounting hole patterns. I was driven to design this so I could reuse a few Tinyhawk flight controllers I had laying around instead of paying a lot of money for new flight controllers. 

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Naked Caddx Vista

Converting the TinyHawk 2 Freestyle to digital was a challenging project. For this build, it was necessary to increase the height of the body standoffs and therefore the side plates as well to accommodate the naked Caddx Vista unit above the upgraded AIO flight controller.

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Battery Mount Rubber

The TinyHawk doesn’t come with any battery mount rubber, so it’s best to make your own. Any commercial solution such as cutting as piece of Ummagawd battery rubber is fine but ends up adding to the weight considerably. This battery foam rubber mount is thick and light-weight.

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Battery Plug Mount

A battery connector which is hard mounted to the frame in this way makes for easier plugging and unplugging, as well as keeping the battery leads out of the way of the props. This battery plug mount is attached to the top plate and secured by the rear stand-offs. 

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle VTX Upgrade

The original VTX on the TinyHawk is widely considered to be less than adequate – or unreliable at best. This is why most people perform a mod to remove the standard one and replace it with something that gives more range. Here we show how that is done.

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Receiver Upgrade

The SPI receiver which comes built-in on the TinyHawk Freestyle flight contrller has limited range. However the flight controller does have 2 UARTs which allows you to wire up an external receiver instead. The process is a bit involved but not too dificult. Micro soldering ability is however necessary.

DJI SRT Editor Excel Sheet

This Excel sheet is programmed in VBA and allows you to pull out individual pieces of SRT data and make a new SRT file with that. It is designed to be used with SRT files produced by the DJI FPV Goggles and the FPV air units – not DJI camera drones which have a different SRT file format.