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Insta360 Go 2 Rubber Mount

A generic mount for the Insta 360 Go 2 made from a thin piece of rubber. This style of mount can be used on any drone, as it is held in place by the battery and battery strap. A good option if you want to often swap the camera from one drone to another without having a mount on each drone. To make this rubber mount, you only need a piece of foam aproximately 6 mm thick. Foam rubber is the best material to work with, as it also provides some shock absorption to reduce camera shake. The mount is simply cut out of a flat piece of rubber. No 3D printing necessary. The holes in the mount for the camera to slide through are just a little smaller than the camera body itself, and the rubber expands to form a firm fit and hold the camera in place. Download PDF Template here Download DXF Cad file template here

How to Use the Insta 360 Rubber Mount

Showing how to fit the mount under a battery on a drone and some flight footage showing how stable the flight video is.

Resource Download

Download the template and cut your own!
The template for this mount is available as a PDF or as a zipped file containing the DXF cad file.