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TinyHawk 2 Freestyle Battery Plug Mount

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle

Battery Plug Mount

The mount is made from 1mm FR4 fiberboard and is mounted to the frame above the top plate. It is secured in place with the rear frame stand-off screws.  I have been using these mounts on all my TinyHawks


This battery plug mount makes for easy un-plugging of the battery lead. I designed it with a flange where it attaches to the frame and this is where your fingers grip to stop it pulling out of your hand when you pull the battery lead out. 

There is a bit of complicated soldering to get the wiring correct but once in place it is very durable. The XT30 connector shown here is called an “ XT30PW30″. You can buy those on Ebay. Basically they are a SMD version of the XT30. The pins need to be turned to face downward and you can replace the positioning pins with self tapping M1.4 x 5mm screws. You’ll also need some 4mm heat shrink.

Having a battery connector mount like this also keeps the battery leads in place and stops them straying into the props.

There is a 3mm hole in the mount which accepts an M2 Dampener. This can be used to secure the VTX antenna. Add some heatshrink to the stem of the antenna as necessary to make it a firm fit.

Mounting the Connector
This video shows the process of mounting and wiring up the connector.

Resource Download

Download the template and cut your own!
The template for this mount is available as a PDF or as a zipped file containing the DXF cad file

Sorry – this kit is no longer available for purchase.