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TinyHawk 2 Freestyle with Caddx Naked Vista

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle

With Naked Vista

This custom build involves actually increasing the frame spacing to accomodate a naked vista unit above the upgraded AIO flight controller. The TinyHawk only has 15mm stand-offs and this needed to be increased to either 18mm or preferably 25mm to give enough clearance. This of course also meant developing new taller side plates as well.

The side plates shown here are cut with a laser cutter from 1mm fiber board. However, I have not produced any kit for these re-designed side plates due to not having a CNC router. Please see the downloadable plans below if you would liketo make your own.


An overview of the project including all the parts used and also showing the build process and wiring. 

Also note that this build requires a base plate adapter so that the 20 x 20 mount flight controller can be mounted to this frame. This can be purchased from MicronWings.


As can be seen in this flight video, the performance is not greatly affected by the increased weight of the AIO board and Vista unit. This build still uses the original motors and 2.5 inch props, but runs on 3S instead of 2S.

Resource Download

Download the template and cut your own!
The sideplate templates below need to be cut from very strong material. I used 1mm fiberboard. However 1.5mm carbon is what you really need to cut these from.