Cube FPV



Reference materials for designing your drone build and searching for the correct components.
The resources here will get you on the right path if you are looking at motor, prop and battery selections. 


Examples of common motor sizes used in various categories of drones

A great resource if you are trying to work out what size motor you need for your next build. This guide gives some general information as well as graphs showing what motors are used in common BNF drones.

Comparisons of motor stator volumes for all motors.

This resource can be used to give you an idea of what replacement motors you could choose for a particular motor size. The table and chart show all motor sizes lined up side by side according to stator volume which equates to motor strength.

See what various size motors are commonly used for in FPV.

This resource shows all commonly used motor sizes for FPV quads. You can see what type of drones a prticular motor size is used for and also see the crossover in usage of a particular motor.

Find motors of similar size by width and height ratio.

Use this resource to find motors of a similar size AND purpose. Motors here are compared to other motors with a similar aspect ratio (stator width and height). By looking at this, you can compare motors suitable for similar types of drones.