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JESC Download and Setup Guide

A brief overview of the download and setup process for JFlight’s JESC software.

If you have a flight controller with BLHeliS  firmware on the ESCs you won’t be able to run bidirectional DShot or have telemetry set up on them. JESC is a 32 bit telemetry enabled firmware which replaces the BLHeliS firmware. Running 32 bit firmware on your ESCs allows you more options with tuning your quad.

This page describes the basci process for downloading and setting up JESC. For more detailed instructions please see the JESC website –

STEP 1: Check your BLHeliS version

Use the BLHeli Configurator software.

Plug in the USB cable and from within the configurator software, connect to the drone.

Also power the drone with the LiPo battery.

To check the ESC version you currently have, click on the “Read Setup” button.
To be able to upgrade your ESCs to 32 bit, the ESCs must show a H in the middle part of the current software version. (Example: G-H-30, 16.7).
If you don’t have a H in this position, don’t proceed. You can not upgrade your ESCs to 32 bit.


STEP 2: Download and set up the JESC configurator software

Don’t choose the Pre-release – chose the latest stable version. Scroll down and select the latest official release and click the link.

On the next page, scroll to the bottom and select the setup file for your computer.

Save it to a folder on your computer and then open the zip file and extract the files to the folder you just created,
(the one with the zip file in it)


STEP 3: Create JESC account and purchase licenses

Go tot and sign up for an account. Once you have signed up and verified your email, purchase JESC licenses for bidirectional Dshot. You purchase licenses in packs, and you use one license for each ESC you update to JESC software.  

STEP 4: Update and license your ESCs

The JESC software doesn’t need to be installed on the computer, you can just run the file “jesc-configurator.exe” from within the folder where you saved the downloaded files. Double-click on this file to open the JESC Configurator.

Connect the drone via USB cable and also power the drone with a LiPo battery to supply power up the ESCs

Choose your com port at the top of the screen and click connect. Then click “Read Setup”.

Click “Licence ESCs” which will take you to a login webpage page which is shown within the configurator.

Log in the same as you log into the JESC website with the username and password you just set up.

Then click “License ESCs”. Back in the ESC list, the headings of each ESC should change to say Licensed.

Click on Flash All and allow the process to proceed for all 4 ESCs

Click “Flash All Telemetry” and choose version.

Check that all the ESCs show Activated Licensed and With Telemetry

Disconnect from the JESC Configurator


STEP 5: After your ESCs have been updated with the JESC firmware, you can proceed with setting up BetaFlight to take advantage of the new 32 bit firmware on the ESCs. Follow the guide linked below to complete the settings and also put a basic standard tune on the drone.