Cube FPV

FPV Motor Size Samples

The information here will get you started if you are trying to work out what size motor you need for your next build. This guide gives some general information as well as graphs showing what motors are used in common BNF drones.

Motor Prop Battery

Motor, Prop and Battery – Selecting these three components correctly will give you the best shot at success when building your drone. And for beginners, I highly recommend using commonly sold BNF drone specs as a guide. It’s pretty simple. If you want to build for example a 4 inch long range drone,  then take a look at the specs for the motor, battery and prop combination of ones already on the market. 

To make it easier, I’ve already done this for many of the common drone categories and collated the results into the graphs linked below.  Remember to take note of battery voltage when looking at the graphs and think about what battery cell count you will be using.