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Antenna Happymodel Moxon 2.4GHz for TX SMA Male
Antenna Happymodel Moxon 2.4GHz for TX SMA Male

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Happymodel Moxon 2.4GHz Antenna

Frequency  (MHz):     2400.0
Efficiency (dBi):   -2.94
Gain (dBi):    4.18
Efficiency (%):      50.77
Directivity (dB):    7.12
Peak Gain Position (Theta):  0.00
Peak Gain Position (Phi):     270.00
Weight(gram):      5.83
Length(mm)*width(mm):     69*45
Plug type:     SMA
Package include: Happymodel 2.4GHz Moxon antenna x1pcs

Diamond shape antennas such as this one are directional antennas. They are designed to focus the beam outward in the direction of the antenna. Although at short range when using links such as ELRS, Crossfire and Ghost, they will perform just as well as any omnidirectional antenna. This is mainly due to the range and penetration of such radio links. However, if flying true long range it is best to use this type of antenna and be facing the general direction of the aircraft.

The antenna should be kept flat (horizontal).