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Battery Builder Kit For 6S 18650 Packs
Battery Builder Kit For 6S 18650 Packs

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Build your own 18650 Li-Ion battery packs with this kit. The kits contains all the parts you will need to make your own battery pack like the one shown below.
NOTE: 18650 battery cells are not included.

1 x Heat shrink 120mm x 90mm long
2 x Battery Terminal Connectors SINGLE
5 x Battery Terminal Connectors DUAL
7 x Heat Shrink 4mm x 20mm (1 red 6 black)
2 x 6S Foam End Pads
2 x 14AWG Battery Wire 14cm Long (Red Black)
6 x Battery Terminal Protectors
1 x 6S Balance lead (17cm)
1 x XT60 Connector

To use the battery terminal connectors in this pack you will also need an “18650 spot welder” These can be purchased on eBay or Amazon.