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BetaFPV BT2.0 PH2.0 Adapter Cables
BetaFPV BT2.0 PH2.0 Adapter Cables

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(pack of 3)

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BT2.0 Connectors decrease the internal resistance of the connector effectively by using a copper plated banana type plug. These BT2.0 connectors can support up to 9 Amps of continuous current and 15 Amps of burst current. The PH2.0 connector on the other end support 4.5 amps of continuous current. Ideal for using batteries with BT2.0 connectors with older whoops which mainly have PH2.0 connectors.

Number in pack: 3 sets
Weight: 1.06 grams each

If possible I’ll always replace the connector completely with a BT2.0 one instead of using one of these adapters. With these adapters you are still left with the 4.5 amp max bottleneck on the PH2.0 end. But if amp draw isn’t a problem then these are an easy solution.