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Bolts M3 Pan Head Gold
Bolts M3 Pan Head Gold

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Bolts M3 Pan Head – Gold

These countersunk bolts are made from high strength 12.9 Grade steel. Grade 12.9 refers to high-strength bolts made of SCM435 alloy steel, with a minimum tensile strength of 1220Mpa and a hardness of between 39~44HRC.

The electroplated nickel crystals used to color the surface are extremely fine and have excellent polishing properties. The polished titanium coating can obtain a mirror-like glossy appearance and can maintain its luster for a long time in the atmosphere.

These Bolts are manufactured by YFS Taiwan Fangsheng. The production of high-quality 12.9 grade bolts by Fangsheng Screws and Bolts mainly depends on raw materials and heat treatment.

1. The materials used by Fangsheng Screws to produce screws are mainly chromium-molybdenum alloy steel SCM435H imported from NIPPON STEEL (Japan’s Nippon Steel) as well as SUMITOMO METALS, ensuring that leading raw materials are used right from the start.

2. TXG electroplating is used to color the surface.