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Cable Ties 1.6mm x 70mm (pack of 25)
Cable Ties 1.6mm x 70mm (pack of 25)

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(pack of 25)

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These cable ties are the smallest you can get at just 1.6mm wide. Perfect for securing motor wires and other components such as receivers or even securing wires to the frame. The maximum diameter of the loop when closed is 16mm.

For securing motor wires, the two main methods are cable ties and arm tape. While arm tape may look nicer, it is difficult to remove and leaves a sticky residue. Cable ties are easy to snip off if you need to do work on the quad and easy to re-attach. Don’t over tighten them as they will cut into the soft silicone coating on the wires. I use these for securing motor wires on quads up to 3.5 inch.