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Capacitors Unicon UPH 16V 470UF (pack of 3)
Capacitors Unicon UPH 16V 470UF (pack of 3)

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The use of capacitors are essential for minimising the risk of damage to electronics due to voltage spikes. These capacitors are best soldered directly to the battery pads on the ESC or AIO board.

There are many brands of capacitors out there. I prefer to use these Unicon brad ones and have never had any problems with them. These are light weight and they are the same as the ones supplied with most flight controllers / stacks. I always solder the capacitor directly to the battery lead connector pads on the ESC / AIO Board and not to the XT30 / XT60 connector. According to many test reports, their effectiveness is greatly reduced placing them on the connector end compared to directly to the ESC battery connector pads.

Use 16V Capacitors for 2 – 3S
Use 35V Capacitors for 4 – 6S


Model Number: 16V 470uF
Temperature: -55~+125°C
Maximum Voltage: 160V
Tolerance: ±20% max


3 x UNICON UPH 16V 470UF 8x12mm Capacitor