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Flight Controller Stack JHEMCU GF16 F405 16×16 13A BLS 4in1
Flight Controller Stack JHEMCU GF16 F405 16×16 13A BLS 4in1

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JHEMCU GF16 2-4S 16*16 F405 Flight Controller 13A 4IN1 ESC Stack

The JHEMCU GF16 is a 2-4S F4 Stack
There are 5 serial ports (UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4, UART6), 8 motor ports, one I2C port, one SBUS interface (the serial port used by SBUS is RX1),
and the WS2812 interface is reserved. Built-in black box 16MB and barometer, buzzer interface, camera interface.

Flight control parameters:
Betaflight Version: 4.3.2
* See notes at bottom of page about upgrading to BF 4.4.X
CPU: STM32F405
Gyroscope/Accelerometer: BMI270
OSD: AT7456E
Barometer: BMP280
Black box: 16MB
IIC: Support
BEC: 5V/3A
Number of motor channels: 8 M1-M8
USB: micro usb
Size: 16*16MM M3
Support programmable LED such as WS2812
Support buzzer
Built-in voltage and current sensors

ESC parameters:
1. Input voltage: 2-4S LiPo/2-4S HV LiPo
2. BEC output: none
3. Continuous working current of single ESC: 13A*4
4. External ESC size: 24*25mm (including the maximum size of pads and protruding points)
5. Screw hole pitch 16*16MM, aperture 3MM (for M2 mount bolts)
6. Firmware: BLHELI_S G_H_30_16_7.HEX
7. Support Dshot600, Dshot300, Dshot150, Oneshot125, Multishot, PWM control signals

Weight: flight control + ESC = 5.8 grams

Packing list:
GF16-F405 flight control *1
GF16-ESC Four-in-one ESC *1
M2*20 screw *4
M2*5 shock absorbing ball *8
M2 nut *4
18AWG wire *2
220UF/25V capacitor *1
XT30 *1


Setup for 4 Motors Quad


Setup for 8 Motors Quad


Upgrading to Betaflight 4.4.X

To upgrade to betaflight 4.4.X, first just try the standard flashing method.

If your barometer doesn’t work after upgrading, then do the following
1. Flash again and add “BARO_DPS310” in the Custom Defines section of the firmware flashing screen.
2. Upon reconnecting don’t apply custom defaults
3. Download and extract the dump all txt from this zip file – dump all file
4. In the CLI Tab, click on Load from File to load the settings from the dump all file.
5. In the Configuration Tab – under the Board and Sensor Alignment section, set First GYRO to “CW 90 degrees”