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FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 Inch 1S Version for Analog VTX
FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 Inch 1S Version for Analog VTX

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FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 inch 1S Version for Analog VTX

The ACK75 is a versatile whoop frame. This version is specifically designed for light weight analog setups. The frame features a design that allows the frame to fit between the Molex motor plugs on flight controllers such as the BetaFPV F4 5Amp. Build the frame in a pusher configuration with the prop guards for cine whoop like performance, or build without the guards for a more freestyle like feel.


Frame Size: 75mm
Frame Design: True X
Frame Thickness: 1.5mm
Prop Size: 1.6 Inch (40mm)
Motor Mount: 6.6mm

Sample Build Images

Some images to show what the frame looks like after you have fitted it out with your desired electronics package.

Build Instructions

  1. Mount the motors

2. Insert 2 of the 20mm bolts into the battery mounts and screw them in.

3. Use the 16mm bolts for the other 2 positions as shown below and screw the bolts through the protector pad.

4. Insert the bolts through the frame. Note that because this is a pusher configuration, the shroud flange is underneath. The 2 hook like appendages on the frame on the right hand side in this image are for crossfire antenns mounting.

5. Insert the spacers onto the bolts on top of the frame.

6. Set the flight controller in position.

7. Plug in or solder the motor wires.


8. Set the frame in position and mount the VTX on top of the frame.

There is also adequate gap beneath the frame to mount a VTX or external receiver.

9. Cut the camera mount as needed to fit on your camera. Cameras with a 9mm lense are a firm fit, but for a 12mm lense you will need to cut away some TPU material to insert it.

10. Secure the camera mount as shown here and screw down the nuts on top.

11. If using the battery mount, most 1S batteries will be a firm fit. The kit also comes with rubber bands for mounting the battery below or on top of the frame is desired.


Standard Configuration

If setting up for a standard configuration, consider using a Stack Mount Adapter above the flight controller to mount a VTX with a 20 x 20 mounting pattern.