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FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 Inch 2S Version for Digital VTX
FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 Inch 2S Version for Digital VTX

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FPV Frame ACK75 1.6 Inch 2S Version for Digital VTX

The ACK75 is a versatile whoop frame. This version is specifically designed for HD VTX setups running on 2S. Build the frame in a pusher configuration with the prop guards for cine whoop like performance, or build without the guards for a more freestyle like feel. The battery can be mounted underslung like a race style drone or on top like a traditional freestyle drone.


Frame Size: 75mm
Frame Design: True X
Frame Thickness: 2mm
Prop Size: 1.6 Inch (40mm)
Motor Mount: 6.6mm 3 position as well as 9mm 2 position.


Example of the frame built up with a 12A Flight Controller and HD Zero digital VTX


The unique motor mount hole design caters for the 9mm 2 position mounting method used by RcInPower on their RCINPOWER GTS V3 1003 10000KV motors.




Build Instructions

Screw the longer 25mm bolts all the way into the battery mounts.

Insert the bolts in the battery mounts and the shorter 22mm bolts into the cover pad.

Then slide the bolts all the way through the plastic frame.
Note the orientation of the frame. The two hooks are on the back and use for mounting the receiver antenna. Note the orientation of the plastic shroud. as this is a pusher configuration the flange is facing down.

Mount the flight controller on top of the plastic frame.


Note: There is ample room for receivers to be mounted in the space under the flight controller.

Mount the motors to the carbon frame.

The digital VTX goes above the flight controller.
Use appropriate size spacers from the kit according to your setup.

Secure the carbon frame on top of the VTX and use spacers included in the kit.

Screw the camera mount into the frame. Note that the holes in the frame are just a little smaller than M2 size. You won’t need a nut as these secure into the frame. Another set of camera mount parts are supplied in the kit for larger cameras and these can be attached in the same way as the antenna holders shown below.

The kit includes single and dual antenna holders. An M2 screw inserted from under the frame will screw firmly into the TPU so there is no need ofr a nut on top or for the screw to go all the way through.