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FPV Frame AlfaRC Fi-150 3.5 Inch
FPV Frame AlfaRC Fi-150 3.5 Inch

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This is one of the most versatile 3.5 inch frames on the market, with a range of mounting options front, center and rear. The A Frame arm design also gives it great strength and is considered to be best practice for reducing frame resonance.

The addition of a TPU GPS mount in combination with the assortment of mounting locations also makes this frame a good candidate for a long-range fit out.

Base Plate: 3mm
Top Plate: 2.7mm
Frame Hardware: M2 (2mm)
Internal Frame Height: 22mm
Top Plate Mounting: 20 x 20 (2 locations)
Bottom Plate Mounting 20 x 20 (3 locations) and one 25.5 x 25.5 mount location
Motor Mount: 9mm 3 Screw and 12mm 3 Screw