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HDZero Freestyle VTX
HDZero Freestyle VTX

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The HDZero Freestyle VTX is a digital HD 720p 60fps video transmitter capable of delivering up to 1000mw on 5.8GHz. It works with the HDZero/Shark Byte goggle module to transmit video, and with a remote controller to wirelessly control the parameters for the transmitter and camera.

The VTX includes an U.FL RHCP antenna. The power input range is 2S –6S. Though the VTX integrates a surge protection circuit, a large capacitor (450+uF) parallel with battery leads is mandatory to smooth the power supply of the whole quad.

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Model: HDZero Freestyle
SKU: HDZ3130
Frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz
Resolution Default: 1280*720@60fps
RF power: 25mw/200mw/500mw/1000mw
RF Connector: Secured U.FL
Video Connector: Secured MIPI
FC protocol: MSP Canvas Mode/SmartAudio
Size: 40mm x 42mm x 10mm
Weight: 28g
Power: 6-15W
Power input: 7V-26V(2S-6S)
Mounting: 30.5mm x 30.5mm M3 holes

HDZero Freestyle VTX * 1;
HDZero RHCP Antenna * 1;
Power/ Uart Cables * 1;
u.FL Antenna Retention Screws * 2/Plate * 1
MIPI Retention Screws * 2/Plate * 1

Important Notes:
The Freestyle VTX consumes up to 15W. If it is connected with FC, make sure the FC has enough current. For example, the FC has 10V, it needs minimum 1.5A current output.
Removing the heat sink is not recommended because it is part of the design.