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The HDZero VRX is a digital HD 720p 60fps video receiver on 5.8GHz. It works with the HDZero/Shark Byte VTX module to transmit video.

* 4x external SMA antenna connections to allow you to pick your own antennas for best performance
* Mounting rails to allow for custom patch and other antennas to be secured
* Real Time Clock for DVR recording to show accurate time and date
* ELRS Backpack expansion plug
* Ambient Audio Recording

Model: HDZero VRX
SKU: HDZ3500
Frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz
Resolution Default: 1280*720@60fps
RF Sensitivity: -105dBm
RF Connector: 4 x SMA
Video Connector: HDMI

Additional functions:
– Real time clock
– ELRS Backpack expansion plug
– Audio Recording

Size: 105mm x 47mm x 30mm
Weight: 85g
Power: 12W
Power input: 7V-26V(2S-6S)
Mounting: Remove the Goggle’s fan cover

– HDZero VRX * 1;
– HDMI Cable * 1;
– DC Cable (Direct-Pass) * 1;
– 15cm Programming Cable * 1;
– ELRS Backpack expansion plug Cable * 1;
– Keyboard * 1

Important Notes:
Direct-Pass Cable, no regulator inside
Check Goggle input v oltage range first to av oid goggle damage:
HDZero VRX supports 2S-6S.