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LED Lighting COB LED Strip 3.3V 1.8 x 120mm
LED Lighting COB LED Strip 3.3V 1.8 x 120mm

9.90 AUD

Micro COB LED Strips for 1S and 2S Whoops

These COB Led strips are just 1.8mm wide and perfect for 1S and 2S whoops. To supply adequate power it is best to use a voltage regulator which can supply up to 1.5 amps depending on what length and how many LED strips you are powering. See the link below to the recommended voltage regulator.

Length: 120mm
Voltage: 2.6 to 3.3 Volts
Weight: 0.56 grams
Important Notes
  1. Do not run at 1S (4.2 volts) they will burn out. You must use a 3.3 volt regulator.
  2. There is no double sided tape on these. You will need to tape or glue them to the frame.
  3. Pos and Neg ends are not marked, but it won’t damage the LED strips if they are reverse connected. Just try one way and if they don’t work, reverse polarity.
  4. I recommend using 30AWG silicone wire when wiring them up.


Video Example


Example wiring for these LEDs using a 3.3 volt voltage regulator. In this example, Individual wires are run to each LED set, but you can also Daisychain them.

The Voltage Regulator used here is this one – Voltage Reg Step Down 1S-4S to 3.3V 1.5A
If mounting to plastic frame parts, the best method for mounting these LEDs is to sand them lightly with sandpaper to roughen up the silicone coating. Then use UHU POR Adhesive glue to glue them to the frame.