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LED Lighting Matek RGB LED BOARD 5050 12V
LED Lighting Matek RGB LED BOARD 5050 12V

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This LED light board uses three RGB5050 LEDs, and 3 onboard dip-switches. By flipping the corresponding dip-switches, you cabn set the board to 7 colors to choose from. No controller board is necessary – just a 12 volt power supply. So you will also need a 12 Volt BEC.


  1. Input: 10~13V DC, 3S LiPo battery or 12V BEC
  2. DIP switch color selection
  3. Size: 47*10mm
  4. Weight: 2g
  5. Packaging: 1 piece of 12V light board, red and black power cord 30cm


  • Comes with a 30cm long red and black power cord, the user needs to cut and weld according to the length used;
  • Pay attention to the positive and negative polarity and insulation of the input;
  • Toggle the corresponding switch to ON to choose 7 colors;
  • It is recommended to stick to the body with double-sided foam adhesive on the back;
  • The input power can be between 10V and 13V, and can be powered by 3S LiPo or 12V BEC.

The following is based on power and current at 12V input:

  • B ON=Blue, 0.35W, 0.03A
  • R ON = red, 0.35W, 0.03A
  • G ON=Green, 0.35W, 0.03A
  • B+R ON=Purple, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • B+G ON = Cyan, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • R+G ON=Yellow, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • B+R+G ON = White, 1.05W, 0.09A