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Lipo Killer JHEMCU Zero Volt Discharger
Lipo Killer JHEMCU Zero Volt Discharger

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This is a great way to drain your damaged Li-Polymer battery down to 0 Volt before disposing of it.
Note: This will kill your battery and you won’t be able to use the battery again

Simply plug the unit to your battery’s XT60 or XT30 battery and leave it on till the blinking LED shuts off, once the LED is off then it’s safe to dispose the battery. Please make sure to dispose the battery in an appropriate recycle container even after draining it to 0 volt.

Model: Lipo Killer
Item Name: 0V Battery Discharger for LiPo Battery
Battery Type: Compatible with LiPo Battery ( XT60 & XT30 Connector)
Dischager Range: 0V
Dimension: 26x16x18mm
Weight: 7.8g
Package Included:

1x LiPo Killer Battery Discharger