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Motor iFlight XING2 2207 1950KV Rainbow Unibell
Motor iFlight XING2 2207 1950KV Rainbow Unibell

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XING2 2207 1950KV RAINBOW FPV Motor

Our XING series NextGen motors have become popular after the initial release in 2018 and became the new standard on the market. Was it the curved shape or the internal damping ring to protect the bearing, or was it the higher quality NSK bearings coupled with a higher grade titanium alloy shaft? We’ve been copied and compared all these years, but now it’s time to set a new standard again! We’re finally ready to announce our predecessor the XING2!

The smooth, reliable and powerful XING motors were upgraded and we achieved an even higher standard in our manufactory as well as better performance than ever before. New center slotted N52H curved arc magnets were introduced to drastically reduce response time of the motor! Maybe the biggest bottleneck of our FPV flight controller is the motor due to it’s translation delay of it braking and accelerating. XING2 motors offer faster response to translate your PID loop quicker and get that locked-in feeling you were always looking for!

Due to the high quality materials used and the durable joint of bell and shaft, we were able to reduce the magnet air gap and stator lamination to a minimum. The smaller the air gap is, the lower that reluctance and the higher the magnetic flux (which is the magnetic analog of current) causing more efficiency and higher power!

5mm titanium alloy shaft, our strongest prop shaft ever!
Crash resistant 7075 aluminum bell
Smooth and long-lasting NSK 9x4x4 bearings
Center slotted N52H curved arc magnets
XING O-ring bearing gap protection
Motor wires protector
Dynamically balanced
Specifications: KV: 1950KV
Weight(included wire): 34g
Dimension: φ29*19.25mm
Interphase Resistance: 74.23mΩ
Input Volts: 3-6S
Peak Current: 39.4A
Max Watt: 961.4W
Mounting Holes: 16*16 φ3mm
Rotor Specifications: Unibell
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Shaft Protruding Length: 13.5mm
Lead: 160mm/20AWG
Magnet: N52H Curved
Configuration: 12N14P
Bearing Type: NSK
Bearing Specification: φ9*φ4*4
Winding: Single Strand copper winding

Packing List
1 x XING2 2207 RAINBOW Brushless Motor
4 x M3*7 Screws
1 x M5 Prop Nut

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