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Motor SUB250 M2 1002 14000KV 1.5mm Shaft Bright
Motor SUB250 M2 1002 14000KV 1.5mm Shaft Bright

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Sub250 M2 1002 Brushless Motor for 1.6-2 inch FPV Drones

Sub250 independently developed the M2 1002 brushless motor for the 1.6 -2inch FPV Drones. This motor has strong power, is small in size and lightweight, and is specially designed for mini quads.

We choose imported N52H magnetic steel with a high-temperature resistant coil, the motor has strong power. And we use ball bearings on 1002, which is amazing, effectively improving the efficiency and service life of the motor. After a long period of extensive testing, we have launched 21000KV and 14000KV, which can be used with 1S and 2S batteries respectively. The three-blade design on the top of the rotor makes the motor have good structural rigidity and an excellent heat dissipation effect.

The lightweight motor design with advanced material technology is perfect for building your toothpick and tiny whoop models.

Small in size and lightweight, only 2.6g.
N52H strong magnetic magnet, high-temperature resistant coil, full of power.
Using imported ball bearings, the motor has high efficiency and long service life.
Low loss stator, low heat generation, and high efficiency.
With fine motor dynamic balance adjustment, the motor runs smoothly and stably.
Suitable for 1.6 -2 inch mini FPV drones.
The 1.5mm shaft diameter is suitable for most propellers on the market.

Brand Name: Sub250
Product: M2 1002 Brushless Motor
KV value: 14000KV
Working voltage: 1S or 2S
Configuration: 9N12P
Stator diameter: 10mm
Stator height: 2mm
Outlet diameter: Φ1.5mm
Dimensions: Φ13.83mm*7.75mm
Magnet: N52H
Weight: 2.6g (5cm wire)
Applicable model: 1.6- 2-inch FPV drones
Recommended battery: 1S or 2S 380mAh-530mAh LiPo

Package includes
1 x 1002 motor
4 x M1.4*3mm screws

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