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Prop Puller Remover for Whoops
Prop Puller Remover for Whoops

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Easily remove props from whoop motors with 1mm and 1.5mm shafts. This prop puller tool applies pressure straight up to remove the prop without bending the motor shaft. Using this tool is the easiest way to remove props.

This prop remover tool is a must-have for anyone building whoops. No more bent shafts and replacing damaged whoop motors. I use this tool myself and I searched far and wide to find it.

Press Shaft Diameter: 1mm (works with 1mm and 1.5mm motor shafts)


Kit supplied with the prop remover tool and the orange spacer tool.

Use the orange spacer tool when you press your props on. It ensures a 0.75mm gap between the bottom of the prop and the top of the motor. Then, when it comes time to remove the prop, the prop remover tool’s foot will slide under the prop easily.


To remove the prop, simply slide the prop remover tool’s foot under the prop and align the pin with the motor shaft. Press gently, but firmly, and pop the prop off the motor shaft.


Press down to drive the motor shaft out of the prop.



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