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Silicone Wire 28AWG Parallel Line Black 3P
Silicone Wire 28AWG Parallel Line Black 3P

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Joined parallel line silicone wire for a neat and tidy build. Easily pull the individual strands apart to solder. One of the outer lines also has a white indicator marker to help you get the wire order correct.

Wire Type: Soft Flexible Silicone Wire
Gauge: 28AWG (1.2mm Diameter)

I like to use this parallel line wire to keep wire looms neat and tidy. On quads up to 3 inch, I use 28 or 30 AWG wire for wiring up peripherals such as Rx, camera, GPS or VTX. For larger quads you may choose to use 26 AWG wire if you like. 28 and 30 AWG is a good thickness for running between layers in the stack, and this joined parallel line stays nice and flat, so it fits in tight spaces without crossing over.