Cube FPV

Silicone Wire 30AWG
Silicone Wire 30AWG

2.50 AUD

per meter


Thickness 30AWG
Heat rating 200degC
Outer diameter 0.85mm
Wire diameter 0.25mm
Wire type Copper
Coating Slicone

Pure soft and flexible silicone wire. This wire is the best quality you can buy. Silicone wire will remain flexible like a rope and not easily become bent. However, you can work the wire and put a sharp kink in it by bending a tight corner to make it fit a set path. We sell silicon wire by the meter and if you order for example 3 meters we will if possible supply you with 3 continuous meters of wire.

I like to use the following sizes of silicone wire.
30 AWG – for wiring up most peripherals like receivers, GPS and UARTs for VTX etc. I use 30 AWG wire for 5 volt supply to   VTX units up to about 400mw. Over 400mw use 28 AWG for Pos and Neg.
28 AWG – Also suitable for Vbatt on VTX units above 400mw and even Vista units pulling up to 1.5 amps. 
For the main battery lead to the flight controller, I use 22 AWG for whoops with GNB27 and BetaFPV BT2.0 connectors. 20 AWG is best for 2 to 3 inch drones running on 2 to 3S with an XT 30 connector. For anything around 3.5 inch on 4S I use 16AWG with XT30 connector and for 5 Inch on 6S I use either 12 or 14AWG, but 14AWG is usually adequate.