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Solder Sanki Brand 2 Meter Length
Solder Sanki Brand 2 Meter Length

3.60 AUD7.80 AUD

(2 meter length)


Length 2 meters
Core Resin
Lead Content 40%
Tin Content 60%

High Quality Sanki solder. This 60/40 solder is 60% tin and 40% lead based with a resin core. High quality Rosin core solder – FLUX  2.0%.

Good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering and Non-corrosive Widely used in electrical and electronics, good for soldering parts like circuit boards, electronic devices and others.

Quantity: 2 meters
Content: Carboard with 2 meters of solder wrapped around it.

I use 0.5mm solder for very small solder pads like the ones found on whoop boards, but for soldering work on the flight controllers for larger quads, I use 1mm solder. For soldering battery lead wires and motor wires I use 1.5mm solder.