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Spike Absorber JHEMCU With 25V 470uF Cap
Spike Absorber JHEMCU With 25V 470uF Cap

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There are 3 varieties of the JHEMCU C-TVS. The board is identical, however the caps are different values. So purchase the set with the size cap you need. The board size is the smallest of any spike absorber, but with this comes smaller FETS on the board. For smaller drones, you can even break the board at the perforation lines and just go with 2 fets on the board instead of 3. I don’t recommend this, but it’s up to you.

JHEMCU C-TVS Version with 25Volt Cap
Board Weight: 0.9 grams
Board Size: 17.5mm x 10mm
Cap Weight: 2.02 grams
Cap Size: 16mm x 10mm