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TPU Antenna Mount Flexible for Standoff Attachment
TPU Antenna Mount Flexible for Standoff Attachment

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A great flexible design for an antenna mount. This mount allows the antenna to flex and move in a crash, meaning that the mount is less likely to break.

Weight: 2.2 grams
Cup Diameter: 16mm
Material: TPU

A nice tight fit for DJI antennas like the Cherry ones supplied with Caddx Vista units. If the antenna has a slightly smaller girth, you can wrap it with tape to make a nice fit. The attachment holes are 3.5mm so for M2 bolts you will need a washer. M3 bolts will be fine. Also M2 frame standoffs will fit nicely through the hole so instead of bolting it to the top and bottom of the frame with the frame bolts, you can have it mounted on the frame standoffs between the two plates.