Cube FPV

Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle Flight Controller Adapter Mount

For this project I have designed an adapter plate to allow the Tinyhawk flight controller to be mounted on a frame with conventional mounting hole patterns.

Supported Mount Hole Patterns
16mm x 16mm
20mm x 20mm
25.5mm x 25.5mm

The example you see here is cut from 0.5mm fiberboard but it could be cut from 0.5 or 1mm Carbon plate also. 

In the example below there are no open gaps in the frame where the bolt heads for the flight controller bolts protrude under the plate. In this case there needs to be a gap between the adapter plate and the frame to accomodate these bolt heads. So the adapter plate sits on top of the M2 nuts of the 20 x 20 pattern on the frame. 

In the Example below I was able to file out some gaps in the frame to allow the bolt heads from the flight controller mount to fit. This is the best case scenario. So the adapter plate is bolted straight to the frame itself. The adapter plate has also been trimmed to clear the other bolt heads in the frame. 

If you would like to design your own adapter plate, these are the exact dimensions of the hole spacing of the Tinyhawk flight controller. You could 3D print your own adapter plate or cut one yourself from carbon or any other stiff material. 

To cut your own mount adapter you can download this zipped cad file containing a DXF cad file. Adjust as needed and cut on your own laser cutter or adapt it for 3D printing.